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Sipping Champagne Zero Gravity in Space - Cheers!

High Tech Bottle Gets Flight Test Photo:  Courtesy of Mumm Orbiting Champagne for Space Tourists at Zero Gravity Future space tourists on the journey of their lifetime may have the added adventure of sipping champagne in orbit.  In terms of technology, that's not an easy thing to provide at zero gravity.  A French designer/innovator Octave de Gaulle has designed a bottle that may dispense champagne at zero gravity. Airbus Testing It It's being tested by an Airbus Zero-G plane that makes deep climbs and dives to create 20 second intervals of weightlessness.  That puts the bottle to the test to see if it works and dispenses champagne at zero gravity in space. This Tech Not for Astronauts US astronauts are not allowed to consume alcohol in space.  This is being designed for future adventurous tourists who travel to space.  Concerning the tech:  the wine, in the upper portion of the bottle is released by a finger controlled valve that uses the champagne's own c