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E-Vehicle Models Accelerating Choice

Lincoln's 2022 Electric SUV Source:  Rivian.  Top - e-platform.  Bottom - Rivian  R1S SUV Startup Rivian  Forging the Way with Unique E-Vehicle Platform Reports indicate that Lincoln will be a big beneficiary of Ford's $500 million investment in Detroit e-vehicle startup Rivian.  Amazon is also investing in the company.  Lincoln is expected to use Rivian's skateboard-styled platform for a Lincoln electric SUV coming out in 2022.  This would be the first example of Ford's plans to co-develop a vehicle based on Rivian's electric car platform. Rivian's e-Vehicles Rivian's platform is a highly modular, battery-electric design.  It resembles a skateboard.  The system can deliver up to 700 horsepower.  It fits batteries up to 180 kilowatt hours in size.  Rivian is using the platform for its own R1T pick-up truck and R1S SUV that will go into production in late 2020.  Rivian says the SUV gets 400 miles in range.  And in 30 minutes, the batte