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India's Green Auto Expo 2020

Clean, Green Vehicles that Cut Emissions to be Showcased Source:  Great Wall's ORA R1 Electric Car Green Vehicles and Clean Technology India's Auto Expo 2020 opening in February will showcase green, clean, primarily electric vehicles developed by global automakers.  65 brand new vehicles will be showcased along with cutting edge technologies.  Organizers in India say there will be new emissions technology, safety tech and advanced connectivity through SIM cards embedded in vehicles. Big China Presence Six big China automakers are coming to display their cutting edge vehicles, including Great Wall Motor Company.  Great Wall's top leadership is coming and bringing a Chinese press delegation of 100 members.  85% of  global automakers are participating.  Many of the participants are expected to showcase their BS-VI technology that's targeted at cutting carbon emissions. Much tougher emissions standards are going into effect in India to dramatically cut toxic

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Environmental Innovations" by Jou...

"List of Top, New Environmental Innovations" by Journalist Edward Kane New book by journalist Edward Kane.  It's a must read series of news summaries on the latest and biggest innovations impacting the environment and making it greener and cleaner.  For more details go to Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Environmental Innovations" by Jou... : New Book on the Top, New, Global Environmental Innovations “List of Top New Environmental Innovations” by Journalist Edward Kane ...

New Clean Fuel from Plastic

New Tech from Purdue University Source:  Purdue University Prof. Linda Wang Converting Plastic to Clean Oil Clean Oil from Plastic Waste Purdue University researchers have invented a new technology and chemical process that converts waste plastic to clean oil. New Tech & Chemical Process The researchers use hydrothermal liquefaction.  It works by converting materials to oil by heating them at moderate temperatures under pressure. The Purdue team used a common plastic and converted 91% of it to oil.  The oil is a clean fuel source, replaces up to 4% of diesel used annually and produces other valuable products. For a great news blog on this go to,

Maglev RR - Green, Clean, Fast, 600mph

No Wheels, No Engine, No Noise, No Pollution, No Problem Maglev Train So Why Aren't They at a Train Station Near You? They're green, clean, fast, quiet.  No wheels, one track. Maglev stands for magnetic levitation.  They glide on a cushion of air.  Because of the way Maglev works, there's now little chance of derailment.  The higher the train gets from the track, the stronger the magnetic force pushing it back.  It's a greener transit solution.  One problem - they're very expensive. Magnetic Levitation Travel  The tech uses magnetic fields to lift the train a small distance above the track and make it move. It's much faster than a regular train.  A Maglev in Japan has broken a world record at 600 mph. A trip from Toronto to Vancouver is forecast to take 3 hours on Maglev by 2035. All Aboard in Asia Only a handful of commercially viable systems have been built.  Only 3 survive - all in Asia.  China likes the system so much it plans to launch it in 1