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Cambridge's Artificial Leaves & Clean Fuel

  Major Scientific Milestone - Fuel Produced on Water                                    Source:  University of Cambridge New Clean Fuel Source From Sun, Water & Artificial Leaves Scientists at the UK's University of Cambridge have invented a new, innovative way to create clean fuel with lots of potential.  They've invented innovative, artificial leaves that convert sunlight and water, that the leaves are immersed in, into clean fuel.  The prestigious University is calling this a major scientific milestone.  They say it is the first time that clean fuel has been generated on water.   Nature's Way This intriguing concept was inspired by nature.  The artificial leaves work by photosynthesis, just the way real plants do when they convert sunlight into food.  Scientific testing of the devices on the River Cam shows the artificial leaves work as efficiently as real leaves except they are creating clean fuel. How Does It Work? The scientists use two different types of fuel ce

Important Innovations Collection: Clean Energy thru Food Fermentation

New Tech to Convert Food Waste into Clean Fuel Food Fermentation Process with a Special Cocktail This is a great new technological innovation to convert food waste into clean, green energy.  It comes from Canada's University of Waterloo.  A team of engineers, concerned about fossil fuel CC damage and the huge amount of global  food waste, have come up with an affordable, productive way to convert scrap food into clean energy.  For more info, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Clean Energy thru Food Fermentation : New Process Converts Food Waste to Clean Energy Source:  University of Waterloo, Canada Microbial Cocktails A team of engineers a...

Norway & Washington St. Innovation Partners

New Technology Partnership Source:  State of Washington signing ceremony with Norway Environment & Maritime Focus This is a very long distance technology partnership but their mutual interest and expertise in the environment, technology and the ocean closes the mileage gap.  Norway and the state of Washington have just signed a two year agreement to develop the next generation of maritime technologies and clean energy innovations.  Their results will benefit both regions of the world. Clean Energy Focus The MOU was signed by Washington State officials and Innovation Norway.  Norway's Ambassador to the US The Hon. Kare Aas was there.  Their collaboration is focused on innovation in clean energy, particularly for maritime vessels, innovation for the oceans, electric vehicles, data analytics and to promote economic and trade relations.  Additionally, they want to modernize and cut the environmental impact of the fishing and seafood industries through new technology and