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Clean Natural Gas Plants - Zero Carbon

Tech for Zero-Carbon Natural Gas Generating Plants Source:  Texas Natural Gas Plant Green Natural Gas This could be a great Climate Changer.  Technology is being tested to generate emissions-free natural gas power plants.  A pilot program is underway in suburban Houston.  Net Power is behind the 50 megawatt plant project.  The company believes it can capture all the CO² and produce power as cheaply as standard natural gas facilities. Several MIT experts have stated the technology is well along in development. If it proves successful, it will be the world's first natural gas power plant that produces low cost electricity with zero atmospheric emissions, including CO². Natural Gas Pollution Natural gas is a primary global source of electricity.  32% of US electricity and 22% of world electricity is generated by it. It's cheap, plentiful but a big source of CO².  In fact, it accounts for 30% of the CO² emissions into the atmosphere from the US power industry. Houston Pi