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Rolls Royce's Car with Picnic Onboard

  Custom Car & Unique Picnic Vehicle                                                  Source:  Rolls Royce Rolls Royce "Boat Tail" Is a First Rolls Royce has created what it calls "the most refined picnic facility on Earth".  It's a convertible Rolls Royce with a unique rear deck, with panels that open up to reveal cocktail tables, refrigerators for champagne, compartments for glassware, china, silver and a parasol for the perfect picnic.  The one-of-a-kind, customized vehicle is called "Boat Tail" because the back of the car is shaped like a racing yacht. The unique vehicle took Rolls Royce four years to build for a wealthy, unnamed client. A Car That Breaks The Mold Rolls Royce says it is one of the "most remarkable cars ever in's a masterpiece of art".  Nothing in the car is standard; everything about it breaks the mold. The entire design and manufacturing process are brand new.  It is also totally customized to the c