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Hybrid Hoverbike is New Way to Commute

  From Japan, Hybrid Hoverbike for an Above Traffic Commute                                                                               Source:  A.L.I Technologies A.L.I. Technologies New Iconic Form of Commuting This is one of the new pieces of travel technology that has been under development for years that many have all been waiting for.  It has just arrived!  From A.L.I Technologies of Japan, a hybrid hoverbike that can soar over traffic at speeds up to 62 miles per hour.  It is called XTurismo and the company called is the "icon of mobility".  This breakthrough piece of flying technology isn't under development in a back street garage.  It is for sale for a whopping $680,000. Buyers can pre-book it for delivery in 2022. The first production run will consist of 200 flying XTurismo bikes.  A.L.I. positions the vehicles as a highly advanced flying alternative to a super-expensive car.  There is no doubt that this is a unique and breakthrough new form of travel. Hybrid

New Flying Taxi Take Off eVTOL

  Archer Aviation's Maker                                                                      Source:  Archer Aviation All Electric Flying Taxi Rides California based Archer Aviation has become the latest entrant in the very hot, eVTOL, flying taxi, global market.  Archer just debuted its all electric, flying taxi Maker, which already has landed a huge, $1 billion order from United Airlines.  The interest in vehicles that are zero emissions, take off and land like a helicopter and fly like a plane is rapidly accelerating.  Investors and aviation companies are chasing after a piece of the action.  In particular, aviation companies are seeking new urban air mobility markets while facing intense pressure from regulators and the public to decarbonize their operations through battery powered electric flying vehicles.  The flying taxi market is valued in the billions of dollars and presents a prime opportunity. Tech Specs Maker is a piloted, 4 passenger vehicle that is in the certificat