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Hydrogen Ferry in San Francisco - A First

  Green Zero Emissions Commuting                                             Source:  Sea Change Green Waves of Energy in San Francisco Bay In a first of its kind in global public transportation, a hydrogen powered ferry is being prepared to launch on San Francisco Bay this summer.  The Sea Change ferry is totally propelled by hydrogen fuel cells and emits only water and heat. Unlike the rest of the maritime industry of tankers, ocean liners, pleasure boats, tugs and more that spew noxious diesel fuel pollution, the hydrogen ferry is totally emissions free and does not pollute the environment.  The developers say it is clean, efficient and makes sense economically on scale - meaning it has the potential to be a profitable and growing commercial business operation.  Non-Polluting Maritime Operations  The Sea Change is the beginning of green waves of energy on the water.  The ferry is 70 feet long, can accommodate 75 passengers and will make multiple stops along the San Francisco waterfr