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Toyota's Off-Road Compact Cruiser EV

  Off-Roading in Style with Zero Emissions                                                  Source:  Toyota Part of Lifestyle-Oriented EV Megatrend Toyota has unveiled a number of new images of its new Compact Cruiser EV concept.  The vehicle is a boxy, compact off-roader with good looks and zero emissions.  In fact, it is the recipient of the prestigious 2022 Car Design Award for Concept Vehicles.  The vehicle is an outdoorsy beauty that was created by the Toyota Europe Design development team in Nice, France.  It is expected to go into production and is one of the most fascinating of the 16 upcoming battery electric concepts that Toyota and Lexus recently introduced. It's a prime example of the global automotive megatrend of consumers desiring EVs that reflect their lifestyle interests. New Design This vehicle is reminiscent of the iconic Toyota FJ Cruiser.  It is both retro and futuristic, smooth and rugged with a compact footprint. It has squared off fenders, strong body sectio