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Alfa Romeo Redefines With Tonale PHEV

  "La Metamorfosi"                                                                                                 Source:  Alfa Romeo New Model Represents Alfa Romeo's Metamorphosis The all-new Alfa Romeo Tonale "La Metamorfosi" is a dazzler, with a more than 100-year-old Italian sports car pedigree, coming to market in 2023. Alfa Romeo, which is owned by Stellantis, says the model represents the company's metamorphosis.  It's a subcompact luxury crossover vehicle that the company hopes will reinvent the meaning of automotive sportiness for the 21st century. For the legendary brand, the EV showcases a new era of electrification, luxury and connectivity while maintaining its racing inspired DNA.   Tech Specs The vehicle has state of the art, electric plug-in hybrid technology, coveted high seating and all-wheel drive.  Two powertrain options are available: PHEV Q4 AWD, 6-speed automatic transmission, 15.5 kWh lithium-ion battery with a 90-kW electric mot