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The Fun, New Audi Sport Sedan

  RS3 Compact Audi Sedan                                                      Source:  Audi Small But Very Powerful Performance Audi has just introduced a very powerful, performance driven, small compact sport sedan. Called the RS3, it is said to be a standout addition to the Audi lineup. Automotive analysts are crediting the RS3 with "fun, fast acceleration and dynamic performance".  It's designed for someone who wants something to drive that's a little bit different and a lot of fun.  Similar in size to the VW Golf, the RS3 has a front mounted engine, AWD, is 4-door and can carry 4 passengers. It has 7-speed, twin clutch automatic transmission.  According to automotive experts who have driven it, the RS3 is fast, nimble, handles really well and is a good looker with great style and design.  The vehicle is available in Europe and goes on sale in the US this summer.  Pricing starts at $59,995.00 What's New and Different? Audi called the vehicle "all new"