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Solution to Lithium Battery Shortages?

  Lilac Solutions Innovative Tech & Global Battery Shortages Source:  Lilac Solutions Potential Battery Breakthru for EVs, Smartphones & More Lithium ion batteries are the power source for EVs, smartphones, computers and more.  The use of lithium ion batteries has become so pervasive that global demand for them is expected to quadruple over the next decade and global market shortages are expected as early as 2023. Now, there may be a new tech solution. Lilac Solutions, an Oakland, California startup, has a revolutionary new lithium ion extraction process that appears to be exponentially quicker, less expensive, less energy intensive and far more environmentally friendly than current lithium mining technologies.   Lithium - the "Irreplaceable Metal" for EVs Lithium is known as the "irreplaceable metal" for EVs because of its high energy density to power batteries with fewer cells at potentially less expense.  It is found in hard rock mountainous regions, whic

Linking the Brain to Machines

US Defense Department's DARPA Investing Millions in BMIs Source:  DARPA Brain Machine Interfaces - the New Frontier Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs). The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA -  is investing millions of dollars into its Next Generation, Non-Surgical Neurotechnology program.  The purpose is to provide BMIs to the US military for overwhelming technological advantages. Breakthrough R&D DARPA has just launched a radical approach.  Wireless BMIs that do not require surgery to link the brain and technology.  Six academic teams have just been tapped to come up with radically different, innovative approaches.  The concepts include connecting by acoustic signals, electromagnetic waves, infrared beams, genetically enhanced neurons and nanotechnology.  It's a 4 year research program and each university team is said to be getting $20 million. MegaTrend  This is an important trend to follow.  Besides DARPA in the US, billiona

Important Innovations Collection: Vienna's Intelligent Traffic Lights

Smart International Pedestrian Traffic Lights Source:  Vienna's UT  Innovation from Vienna These may be the world's most intelligent traffic lights.  Created by a research team at TU Graz, they incorporate cameras, computers and algorithms to predict the intention of a pedestrian moving toward a road.  This is not just a smart traffic light.  It's very advanced technology to make roads safer for pedestrians and drivers.  Just invented in Vienna, Austria. For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Vienna's Intelligent Traffic Lights : Making Streets Smarter and Safer for Pedestrians and Drivers Source:  TU Graz, Vienna Lots of Technology and Research Involved A tea...

Important Innovations Collection: AI System Mimics Human Reasoning

Big Step toward General Artificial Intelligence for Computers Photo Source:  MIT Important Invention by UCLA Engineer s UCLA scientists have significantly advanced what's called computer vision.  They have developed an AI computer system that can discover and identify real world objects in the same way that humans do. General AI Experts are hailing this as a step toward what's called General AI.  General AI enables computers to learn and make decisions on their own.  For a news blog on this fascinating innovation, check out my journalist colleague Ed Kane at  Important Innovations Collection: AI System Mimics Human Reasoning : Computers with Ability to Visualize and Identify Objects Source:  MIT Next Generation of Artificial  Intelligence Engineers at the ...

Computer Chips Like Human Brains

Neuromorphic Computing - Self-Learning Chips Source:  Imec Chips that Could Revolutionize Computing Belgium nanoelectronics company Imec has innovated a breakthrough, self-learning computer chip embedded with AI.  Some experts believe this type of neuromorphic chip, which mimics the electrical circuitry of the human brain, could upend and revolutionize computing and technology.  My colleague and fellow journalist Ed Kane has just posted a news story on his blog