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Lexus New E-Sports Car Concept

  Stunning Zero Emissions, Electric Concept                                                       Source:  Lexus BEV Sport Is a Beauty That Could Be an Electric Gamechanger Toyota's luxury brand Lexus has unveiled a stunning new electric concept sports car.  It's part of their expanding and evolving electric lineup of vehicles for zero emissions driving. New BEVs in the pipeline include a new sedan and SUV. The eye-catching electric sports car is called the BEV (battery electric vehicle) Sport. Electric Centerpiece The BEV Sport is a centerpiece in Lexus' next-G electric vehicle lineup.  It is a low to the ground, long, 2 seat sportscar with a very smooth and elegant design.  It is fast, going from zero to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds.  The targeted range for the electric vehicle is 430 miles. It is powered by an innovative solid-state battery that Toyota is investing heavily in, not the traditional lithium-ion battery that most electric vehicles are powered by.  BEV Sport