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Cadillac's Look at Future Driving

  Electric, Autonomous Ride of the Future                                        Source:  Cadillac Awesome, Breakthrough Technology This Cadillac concept car could be your new inner space.  At CES 2022, Cadillac introduced a new, electric, autonomous car concept called InnerSpace that is a highly innovative perspective on the future of mobility and driving. Designed for two passengers, the EV is very sleek, futuristic, aerodynamically-styled and low to the ground.  In essence, it is a personal luxury lounge on wheels that drives itself and provides the passengers with fascinating, artificial intelligence enabled, digital technologies.  It is Cadillac's unique look at the future of driving that could be rolled out in the next decade.  They say it is the start of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congested driving with the confluence of brand-new technologies. Highly Advanced, Unique, Automotive Technologies Cadillac is GM's premier platform for new autonomous, zero emissions