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Running Against the Wind

For Runners:  New Tech for Wind Conditions Source: Styrd  Meter Pod Power Meter Measures Environment During Your Run For runners, wind, rain, heat and other environmental conditions make a big difference in your run.  So this new, real-time monitor is of interest.  It's called the Stryd power meter to monitor conditions for your every stride.  It's a pod that attaches to the laces of your running shoes.  The sensors tell you how the wind is impacting your running.  It also includes the impact of other environmental conditions while you are running like temperature and humidity. Real-Time Data and For Later Review The data is stored onboard, transmits in real-time and for later reviews.  The new Stryd has a better air flow design that can measure wind speeds and tells you if you're running into a head wind or not. This new invention lets you know with accuracy how you are running against real-time environmental conditions.  It's brings a brand new accurate mean