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Flying Drone the Size of SmartPhone

Drone-X-Pro Source:  Drone-X-Pro Easy Flying - Tiny Drone - Smart Gadget If you're interested in drones, the inventors of the Drone-X- Pro say this small drone is easy enough for anyone to operate.  It's the size of a cellphone that you can hold in the palm of your hand.  You charge the battery, install the App and in under ten seconds, you're good to go.  You control the small drone's flight by your smartphone. Foldable Propellers This is a precision engineered drone specifically designed for easy flying inside and outside.  Its propellers fold in for easy carrying and the design is lightweight. HD 360 degree Images The drone is equipped to take HD photos and videos and can capture 360 degree images from the air.  It's equipped with gravity sensors to automatically avoid collisions with objects and the ground.  Drone-X-Pro can fly up to 12 meters per second and a maximum  distance of 2 km.  And, it's capable of flying ten minutes without having to