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New Green Material for Cooling Discovered

Researchers from UK and Spain Identify Eco-friendly Solid for Cooling Source:  University of Cambridge Air Conditioners  Replaces Polluting Gases Scientists at the University of Cambridge UK and Universit├Ąt Politecnica de Catalunya in Spain have come up with a breakthrough in refrigeration/cooling technology.  Plastic crystals of neopentylglycol (NPG) that when put under pressure is competitive with conventional coolants.  The conventional coolants in refrigerators and air-conditioners are toxic and when released into the air are pollutants. Our Appliances: A Global Energy and Environmental Issue Refrigerators and air-conditioners use 20% of the energy produced globally.  The vast majority of these appliances use hydrocarbons and hydrofluro-carbons in the cooling system that are toxic, flammable and when released into the air add to global warming. Materials Science To solve this cooling problem, materials scientists have sought an alternative solid refrigerant.  UK and S