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Barreling Across the Atlantic

French Adventurer Crossing Atlantic in a Barrel Jean-Jacques Savin Atop His Barrel Oceanic Entrepreneur Barreling by Currents He's being called The French Barrel Man.  71 year old Jean-Jacques Savin is a retired military parachutist and French innovator-adventurer.  He is making his way across the Atlantic Ocean in a big orange barrel that's actually a sophisticated barrel-shaped capsule.   Savin is taking a very innovative approach.  The craft is being transported and guided solely by ocean currents.  He is literally barreling across the Atlantic Destination - Caribbean Savin left the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa on December 26.  He hopes to reach the Caribbean by the end of March.  The craft is travelling at 1 to 2 miles per hour.  There's a porthole that allows him to observe fish swimming underneath the barrel.  And, he's dropping markers along the way to allow the international marine observatory organization JCOMMOPS to study ocean curren