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Laser Microscope No-Cut Surgery

Revolutionary Cut-Free Surgery Source:  University of British Columbia New Laser Microscope This is breaking medical news from the University of British Columbia.  An innovative laser microscope has been invented that performs surgery and diagnosis without cutting the skin.  It's a specialized multiphoton excitation microscope able to perform cut-less surgery.  The big application is for skin cancer. Scan and Treats The new technology digitally scans living tissue and treats the tissue by increasing heat from the laser, all in real-time seconds.  That allows surgeons to diagnose and pinpoint the problem, perform cut-less surgery and treat it without cutting the skin.  Researchers say they can alter the path of blood vessels, scan, diagnose and treat diseases like skin cancer.  They are now working to make the microscope more versatile and increase it precision.  This breakthrough was just reported in the journal Science Advances.