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100 Gigabit Transmission a Reality

Downloads 50 Gigabit Movie in 4 Seconds DARPA-Northrup Grumman's 100 gigabit Transmission System Northrup Grumman and DARPA have successfully tested super high speed, 100 gigabit transmissions.  The tests were conducted over a 12 mile stretch in Los Angeles.  They've proved that 100g transmissions work and have set the standard for it.  Northrup disclosed the system can download a 50 gigabit Blu Ray move in 4 seconds. 2-Way and Wireless DARPA is the Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency.  The system makes for much faster delivery of intelligence and surveillance data for the military over long distances. It's a 2-way, wireless transmission data link. Various Speeds The system features active tracking.  The transmission speed can vary from 9g to 102g depending on what the transmitting and receiving networks can handle.  Of great note:  it can send 100g speed data directly from aircraft.  That provides real-time access to intelligence and surveillance