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Amazon Discount on 3 Innovation Books

  Edward Kane's  Trilogy on Global Centers of Innovation                                        Source:  Amazon & Kindle Discounts Up to 80% for Limited Time Amazon and Kindle have launched a special, deep discount sale on three of Edward Kane's books:  "USA - The Innovation Superstar"  ASIN: B08R269FRV , "Europe: The Global Innovation Leader"  ASIN: B08MSDR7JZ and "Asia: The Innovation Powerhouse"  ASIN: B08PS8F3NF .  The books are discounted, for a few days, up to 80% of their list prices.  Each is on sale for $2.99 Trilogy on the Latest, Big Innovations This is a trilogy of books on new global innovations being invented in Europe, the USA and Asia.  You can get all three books for less than the regular price of one during this limited time, Amazon promotion.  To take a look, go to   I co-authored the books with Ed