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Handy Hank Dexterous Robot

Flexible Robotic Fingers with Human Touch Source:  Cambridge Consultants' Hank Big Applications like eCommerce Cambridge Consultants, the UK's "breakthrough innovation consultants" have created Hank.  The new robot has flexible robotic fingers inspired by the human hand.  Hank is expected by the inventors to have a big application in eCommerce operations that are under pressure to deliver goods cheaply and quickly. Breakthrough Sensory System The robot can hold and grip delicate objects using just the right amount of pressure.  It does so by using a pioneering sensory system embedded in its pneumatic fingers.  The fingers are soft and controlled by airflow that can flex the fingers and apply force. Grand Challenge The company says Hank could prove very valuable in agriculture and warehouse automation.  For those sectors, as well as eCommerce, the development of robots able to pick up delicate, small and irregular objects has proved to be a "Grand Ch