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Your Flying Taxi Just Arrived

Vienna Style Commuting Courtesy:  EHang - Vienna Test Flight First Flight It looks like a helicopter at first glance.  But it's a lot more than that.  This is the first demonstration of this pilotless air taxi prototype that just successfully took off in Vienna, Austria.  The Austrian and Chinese developers say it's ready for mass production and commuter service.  The EHang 216 is at the forefront of autonomous air taxis readying for takeoff. Autonomous Flying It's the creation of  Austrian aerospace company FACC (now owned by Chinese aerospace group AVIC) and the Chinese drone maker company  EHang. It's a European first for them.  The vehicle circled in the air and landed safely after a few minutes of flying above a soccer stadium. Rigorously Tested and Ready for Flying This is a slim drone with 16 propellers.  It can seat two passengers, fly up to 90 mph for a half hour.  And, it can travel 50 to 70 kilometers depending on the payload.  The Austrian-Chi