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BMW Surprising Dune Taxi

  All Electric & Powerful Off-Roader                        Source:  BMW Dune Taxi The Dune Taxi That's Meant to Race German, luxury carmaker BMW has created an electric, off-road, racing car, called the Dune Taxi.  The EV is anything but a taxi.  It's a top performance Extreme E racing vehicle for desert sands. Interestingly, it's a totally, all-electric, green machine that's made of plant-based material.  Specifically, the body is composed of natural fiber reinforced polymer which is similar to carbon-fiber in its lightweight nature.  This vehicle is something new, exciting and unexpected from BMW.  Automotive experts are intrigued by what the car is, what it may become and what BMW's plans are for it -- all of which BMW hasn't disclosed.  We do know one thing: the performance of the off-roader is very impressive. Tech Specs The Dune Taxi can tackle the tallest sand dunes in the world, and it handles regular roads equally well.  It has a combination of all