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Skoda's Virtual Electric Race Car

  Digital Fun and Games                                                                                     Source: Skoda Spectacular New Design Study Czech-based electric carmaker Skoda  has just unveiled a stunning digital design study, called the Skoda Vision GT, to showcase the future potentialities of automotive technologies and design.  The Vision GT is a digital tease of an electric race car that is based on the original,1957 Skoda 100 OHC sports car. The digital version is a single seat, open-top all electric race car with a low body and very advanced aerodynamics.  Style and Power The imaginary, digital vehicle has sleek, futuristic styling with sharp lines but also touches of the 1957 1100 OHC with its muscular body proportions and red coloring.  There are large intake valves, slim LED headlights and huge alloy wheels.  And there is a snazzy rear wing that's inspired by Formula-1 race cars. Highly Advanced Tech Skoda has filled this vehicle with the ultimate in technologi