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Amazon Offers Online Prescription Drugs Service

  Amazon Pharmacy:  Direct, Online Prescription Drug Services Source:  Stock image Starts This Week Amazon just announced another innovative business addition to its online retail portfolio.  It's opening a discount online pharmacy for prescription medications.  For Amazon Prime members, the drug will be delivered right to the customer's door, for free, within two days. Pharmacy Competition Amazon Pharmacy puts Amazon in direct competition with traditional pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens.  And the timing couldn't be better.  Many consumers are seeking to obtain their medicines online and avoid going into the pharmacy because of COVID.  Amazon says their new business line is designed to make it easy and convenient to order prescription medicines online.  The service is rolling out in the US this week. $300 Billion Market For Amazon, the stakes are big.  Prescription medicines are a $300 billion industry in the US.  Amazon has been quietly building its prescription business


Special Amazon Book Promotion Source:  Amazon e-Book Deeply Discounted Starting at 11AM ET May 27, "Space 2020's:  What's Up There?" by journalist Edward Kane is being offered at a promotional deep discount by Amazon and Kindle.  Through May 30, it can be bought for $3.99 instead of the regular price of $6.99 Book on Latest Space Discoveries and Upcoming Missions If you want the latest news on "What's Up There?" in space, this is a highly valuable and fun to read information source.  Here's the direct link to check it out  ASIN: B087DV4DZ6

Important Innovations Collection: Kindle e-Book on Robotics

Latest Innovations in Robotics Important Innovations Collection - Robotics by Edward Kane Starting this morning at 8AM PST, Amazon & Kindle are offering a promotion on the e-Book version of "Important Innovations Collection - Robotics" at a discounted price of $.99.  The book is a fun, easy to read resource on the latest breakthroughs in robotics.  It has a five-star rating.  The promotion ends on February 28 at 8AM PST. Ed's Amazon Author Page is   For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Kindle e-Book on Robotics : Important Innovations Collection - Robotics Kindle - Amazon Promotion Starting Sunday, February 23, my e-Book Important Innovations C...

Important Innovations Collection: Amazon Limited Time Book Discount

Amazon 66% Discount Today on Important Innovations: Collection - Energy e-Book This is a very limited time, Amazon promotional discount, on my journalist colleague Ed Kane's e-book Important Innovations: Collection - Energy. The e-book is discounted 66% today to $.99  It's a very valuable informational resource for anyone interested in breakthroughs in the development of alternative, green, renewable, sustainable sources of energy.  For more information, go to Ed's blog Important Innovations Collection: Amazon Limited Time Book Discount : My Kindle e-Book Important Innovations: Collection - Energy Today my e-Book Important Innovations:  Collection - Energy is being offer...  or to his Amazon Author's Page