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Iconic London Buses Go Hydrogen

 London   First in UK With a Fleet of Hydrogen Buses                                      Source :  London double decker buses                                        Source:  London Hydrogen Buses                              Source:  London Electric Double Decker                                        Source:  London Double Decker London's Zero Emissions Bus Goal by 2030 A fleet of hydrogen double decker buses are driving the streets of London to reduce toxic fumes and fight climate change. This is a first in the United Kingdom.  The zero-emissions, iconic buses were manufactured by Wrightbus of Northern Ireland, which also has hydrogen buses operational in Dublin, Ireland.  Hydrogen for the buses is being produced in Cheshire with big hydrogen production plans in the mix. Going Totally Zero Emissions The city's transportation operator, Transport for London, has a sustainability goal of operating only zero emissions buses by 2030.  London is diversifying its green bus portfoli