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Germany's New Digital Intelligent Train

  Siemens & Deutsche Bahn Innovation - Digital Train Source:  Siemens & Deutsche Bahn No Special Tracks or Infrastructure Needed for New Automated Train German industrial giant Siemens and Deutsche Bahn have developed the world's 1st automated, driverless, digital train that requires no special tracks or new infrastructure.  The "intelligent" train is controlled by digital technology and is fully automated. Four new driverless trains will be deployed first in Hamburg as part of the city's $70 million urban rail system modernization program. They become fully operational in December 2021.  Bringing the Railroad into the Digital Future Siemens and Deutsche Bahn believe that their new driverless train brings the global railroad industry into the digital future.  The companies call the vehicle landmark innovation in "intelligent trains" and add that it is more energy efficient and punctual than traditional trains.  What is breakthrough and a world first

Important Innovations Collection: Bioinspired Control Systems for Self-Driving Vehic...

Brain Inspired Control Systems for Self Driving Vehicles DOD Funded Research Led by Boston University's Team of International Scientists The US Department of Defense has funded $7.5 million to an international team of experts in neuroscience, robotics, computer vision, algorithms and control systems to develop the next generation in autonomous driving. The focus is precision control systems and they are utilizing neuroscience to make this happen.  The team is led by a leading expert at Boston University.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Bioinspired Control Systems for Self-Driving Vehic... : New Autonomous Paradigm on the Ground, Underwater, in the Air - Based on Brain Research Source:  Stock Image of the Brain Boston Univ...