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MIT's Fantastic Driverless Boat Fleet

Very Hi-Tech Drone Boat Fleet for Many Global Uses A MIT team has developed a fleet of driverless boats. They can ferry goods, people and monitor traffic and the environment.. This could help free-up road congestion in waterway enriched areas like Venice, Amsterdam, Miami and Bangkok.  The autonomous boats operate with precise control and high maneuverability. Autonomous Waterways Scientists envision a future where driverless boats can perform city services overnight, further reducing congestion.  For instance, deliveries and waste management could be performed at night, which would reduce daytime traffic. But, there's a lot more than that. 3D Printed Boats that Can Self-Assemble Into Bridges &  Concert Stages The boats are roughly 4 by 2 meters.  They are extremely high-tech.  They contain location trackers, sensors, microcontrollers and other hardware.  They can be programmed to self-assemble into platforms for food markets, floating bridges, connect stages and for