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Alphabet Waymo, WayMore Autonomous Car

Autonomous in the Driver's Seat Waymo is the Google self-driving car project that's now a division of Google's parent Alphabet. It's seems to be leaving other autonomous car makers far behind.  You might say, it's in the driver's seat - along with its combo of laser-radars, sensors and software. A ride-hailing program is expected to be launched later this year. Road Warrior The Waymo vehicles have done 8 million miles in autonomous driving, including 25,000 miles a day on city streets.  The vehicles have 360 degree sensors, radar and software that's designed to detect people, cyclists, vehicles, road work and obstructions up to 3 football fields away.  The cars are taught on 8 million miles of real-world traffic and they're about to be commercialized. Waymo Updates Waymo just cut a pilot project with Walmart.  In the Phoenix area, you can place a Walmart order at a discount and pick it up and take it home in your Waymo driverless car.  They hav