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Audi Grandsphere - Future Driving Concept

  Self-Driving "Living Room" Experience on Wheels                                            Source:  Audi Grandsphere Cutting Edge Automotive Technology Innovation Audi has just unveiled its Grandsphere concept vehicle.  It's a luxurious, electric, long form (17.6 feet) sedan that's a self-driving living room on wheels. This "2+2" seater is a completely new mobility vehicle with transformative technologies. The EV uses Level 4 self-driving technology, which provides fully autonomous driving under certain conditions.  It has a fully electric drive system.  When driving autonomously, the interior transforms into a living space with the most advanced digital technologies.  Audi says that Grandsphere passes beyond an automobile into an "experience device".  The technologies and design features of this new Audi concept are not just theoretical.  They are expected to be in future Audi series.  And, Audi is promising extensive "personalization"