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Hyundai's Vision of E, Autonomous SUVs

  Hyundai Ioniq Seven - "Category Bending Proposition"                                                  Source:  Hyundai Hyundai Showcasing the Future of Automotive Technology At the LA Auto Show, Hyundai unveiled an extra large electric SUV concept called the Hyundai Ioniq Seven, which the company calls " a category bending proposition".  The vehicle is breakthrough in several respects.  It is an advanced technology platform for Hyundai's future of big electric SUVs, which it calls SUEVs.  It is also a look at Hyundai's vision of the future of autonomous vehicles.  And it showcases the capabilities of Hyundai's EV platform. The Electric Global Modular Platform or E-GMP can be stretched and scaled to make extra large SUVs or smaller ones.  This platform has versatility and will be used for the upcoming Ioniq 5, Kia EVs and Genesis GV60.  It is a breakthrough piece of EV technology in the automotive industry. Tech Specs The Seven is a concept but because