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Largest Living Thing Dying - Eco Stress

Utah's Pando Forest at 80,000 Years Old is Dying Source:  Utah Pando Aspen Forest Scientific Warning Utah's Pando Aspen tree forest is ancient and considered to be the largest living thing in our world.  New scientific research says it's dying. Unique and Beautiful The Pando aspens are majestic.  They are an expanse of 40,000 trees dating back 80,000 years. The aspen trees are clones identical in composition.  They cover 106 acres in Utah's Fish Lake National Forest.  Scientists believe they have one root system and they are all dying. Causes Ecologists from Utah State University say the reasons are drought, fire, climate change, human development and animal encroachments.  The good news is the scientists believe  the decline is reversible if there is a will to do it. They believe reversal is realizable.