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Using Epic Tech to Stop Drunk Driving

  President Biden Targets Intoxicated Drivers                                                                      Source:  Stock Images $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Tucked into President Joe Biden's $1 trillion Infrastructure package is a big initiative to fight drunk driving with highly advanced technology.  The push against drunk driving is not just a number of public service announcements with warnings not to drive drunk on the road.  The law has teeth and requires automakers by 2026 to install new technologies in new cars that detect and prevent intoxicated drivers from hitting the roads. New Law with Teeth Currently in the US, 10,000 people a year are needlessly killed in drunk driving accidents and nearly 300,000 are injured.  Drunk drivers cause 30% of all traffic deaths.  Biden's plan is designed to cut those deaths to 600 a year.  The innovative technologies being considered are smart sensors embedded in the car that detect and measure the driver's alcohol leve