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Robotic Innovation from Seals

 e-Whiskers Breakthrough Enables Robots with Feelings e-Whiskers are hair-like structures that are paving the way for robotic and prosthetics human like skin.  The University of Texas at Dallas team used shape memory polymers to mimic the properties of the real thing.  By the real thing, they mean the whiskers on our pets and wildlife. Animal Kingdom Concepts -  Innovation From Seals In the animal kingdom, whiskers on cats are used to probe and sense things in their environment.  Seals are a great example.  They have long whiskers with which they sense fish.  Recent studies with blindfolded seals showed they could find fish swimming in a pool solely through their whiskers.  The whiskers sensed water disturbances which gave the seals information on where the fish were.  Animal whiskers are touch receptors, sending vital information to the brain and helping animals navigate their environment. Robotic Sensors on Whiskers The robotic sensor is patterned on top of each whisk