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BMW's Vision of Personal City Driving

DYNAMIC CARGO E-Tricycle & CLEVER COMMUTE E-Scooter                                             Source:  BMW Unique, New EV Concepts from BMW BMW has developed two, unique electric modes of travel for city dwellers.  The concept DYNAMIC CARGO is an electric tricycle that BMW has designed to carry loads such as bags of food from the supermarket.  The concept CLEVER Commute is an electric scooter that offers a new way to travel around a city when the destination is to far to walk to and too close to drive.  Unlike most of BMW's products, these vehicles are human powered. DYNAMIC CARGO The trike has an electric motor that starts as soon as the rider begins pedaling.  It powers the rear wheels making it much easier to carry a heavy load.  The three wheel design provides the vehicle with increased stability.  BMW is working on weather protection for the cargo being hauled in the EV.  BMW has designed the EV for year round use. CLEVER COMMUTE The Clever Commute is a push scooter with