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Ola Electric Scooters Developing E-Car

  Ola's Very Popular Lineup of Electric Scooters                                                  Source:  Ola Electric Company Now Designing an Electric Car India based Ola Electric Mobility is a very popular maker of two-wheeled electric scooters.  The company is now expanding its innovative portfolio to include electric cars.  The electric concept car is sleek, smoothly designed and a hatchback that sports a lot of glass.  The startup company, with financial backing from Japan's Softbank Group, says it will launch the electric car in 2023.  The company's goal is to make itself and India a global epicenter for electric vehicles. Hyperchargers and Electrifying Scooters Ola is currently installing 4,000 charging stations with hyperchargers throughout India for its e-scooters and new e-car. Ola says it can provide 50% of a 100% charge in 18 minutes. Concerning the e-scooters there are two models: the Ola S1 and more powerful Ola S1 Pro. The Ola S1 is powered by a 2.98 kWh ba