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New Trends in Personal Mobility Vehicles

  Canada's Daymak LEVs, 3-Wheelers, Flying Cars Source:  Daymak's Skyrider                                               Source:  Daymak's Spiritus New Modes of Travel In the future of personal mobility and futuristic travel vehicles, several sectors - light electric vehicles (LEVs), 3-wheelers and flying cars - are among the hottest for growth potential.  Poised to take full advantage of the burgeoning business is EV maker Daymak of Toronto, Canada, which is wracking in millions of dollars in all three areas. Avvenire - The Future Daymak's lineup of six EV models, ranging from an electric, solar powered scooter to an electric flying car, is called Avvenire, which means the future in Italian.  In just the first half of 2021, Daymak has received 10,500 pre-orders, totaling $382 million in revenues. LEVs                                                       Source:  Skyrider The LEV's in the Avvenire lineup include Skyrider, an electric flying car.