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Biobattery, Biodegradable & Works

Biodegradable, Hybrid Biobatteries Take-off Researchers at the State University of New York at Binghamton have developed a breakthrough biobattery, that's been eluding the engineering and scientific communities for decades.  It's paper-based, eco-friendly and hybrid.  On top of that, it's inexpensive and performs well. The problems this SUNY team have overcome are making the battery easy to produce, really biodegradable and powerful enough. Eco-Friendly Alternative The hybrid paper battery is easy to produce, flexible and biodegradable.  It has much higher power-to-cost ratio than previously reported paper-based microbial batteries.  This one uses a hybrid of paper and engineered polymers.  The polymers are the key to making it biodegradable. Powered to Start Ending Electronic Waste There's been a dramatic increase in electronics waste and the new biobattery is a start to reduce that.  Also, SUNY Asst. Professor Sean Choi says the battery's power can be