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Jet Ski For the Sky - Flying Machine

  Sweden's Jetson One                                             Source:  Jetson Aero Strap Yourself in For an Aerial Spin Sweden's Jetson Aero has developed Jetson One, an electric, single-seat personal aircraft that breaks the mold for access to personal flying.  It is relatively inexpensive at $92,000 and largely flies itself in drone-like fashion. It does not require a pilot's license. It is extremely lightweight at 190 pounds but can carry a pilot that weighs up to 210 pounds.  The aircraft is totally electric powered and there are zero emissions. Tech Specs The vehicle operates on eight electric motors and a powerful, high discharge lithium-ion battery.  It can take you places and at a good speed.  The range on a charge is 20 minutes flying time and the aircraft can hit speeds of 63 mph.  It takes only an hour to charge the vehicle.  It is an eVTOL, meaning it takes off and lands like a helicopter from a driveway or garden. It is designed for sheer fun flying. The co