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GM Expanding Electric Plans

  30 New Electric Vehicles by 2025                               Source: GM Electric Hummer Pickup                                Source:  GM Silverado Assembly Line                                   Source:  New Silverado Off-Roader                                                       Source:  GM                                             Source:  GM 3 New Electric Pickup Trucks GM's truck lineup is highly profitable and helped to drive a 40% overall vehicle sales increase for GM in Q2 2021.  GM plans to offer at least three new electric pickup trucks, including an electric Silverado pickup, in the next year or so.  First, the GMC Hummer electric pickup will be launched by the end of 2021.  Next, the Silverado EV along with another electric pickup by GMC will be released by 2023.  GM also just announced that it is releasing a new, off-road 2022 Silverado pickup in 2022. That vehicle is loaded with new technologies including sensors, radar and cameras for Super Cruise hands-free