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Hot Electric Vehicles for the 2020's

Top EV Vehicles in the Pipeline and Readying for Market EV News You Can Use The 2020's will be the decade of all-electric vehicles with zero emissions.  As journalists, Ed Kane and I are closely watching and reporting on the EV mega-trends.  EVs are a top means of fighting toxic fumes from gas guzzling cars, planes, motorcycles and fighting Climate Change.  EV technology is poised to make a positive difference for the global environment. Handy Book for 2020's EVs We've  just published a new book "Hot Electric Vehicles for the 2020's" by Edward Kane and co-authored by me, Maryanne Kane.  It's being published now as an e-book on Kindle.  The book showcases the hottest EVs in the pipeline for rollout in the 2020's.  EV vehicles included in the book are SUVs, sedans, pickup trucks, planes, flying cars, scooters, motorbikes, motorcycles, watercraft and more from global companies. To check for availability, free borrows and reads, go to  ama

Big Auto Going Global Electric

BMW & Tesla Expanding Production of Electric Vehicles in China Source:  BMW MINI Cooper Tesla's Cybertruck About to Set a Record BMW is significantly expanding its global electric vehicle operations.  BMW and its Chinese partner Great Wall announced today that they plan to build a $716 million plant in China big enough to manufacture 160,000 electric cars a year.  The plant will produce electric MINI's for BMW and also Great Wall electric vehicles.  Great Wall is China's #1 SUV and pickup truck manufacturer. Meanwhile, US-based Tesla is close to setting a new record with its electric pick-up Cybertruck. Big China Electric Vehicle Market Expansions The BMW-Great Wall plant is due to open in 2022 near Shanghai.  For e-car makers, the opportunity in China is huge.  China has new quotas starting in 2025 requiring that 20% of total vehicle sales are electric and rechargeable hybrids.  Automakers and suppliers are diligently working to meet these tough,