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Ultra-Short Takeoff Plane - New Tech

NASA Contracts with Electra Aero to Develop   Ultra Short Takeoff Plane                                                       Source:  Electra Aero NASA Invests in Electric Plane for Greener Skies Northern Virginia based aviation company Electra Aero, that specializes in ultra-short, electric takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft, has been partnering with the US Air Force for a few months.  Their highly innovative aviation technology has now caught the attention of NASA, which has jumped onboard to further develop this cutting edge air travel technology by investing in its development. Brand New Technologies Based on hybrid-electric propulsion, Electra Aero has invented an innovative, electric, very short vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. The aircraft's blown lift technology is the standout. It is an advanced aerodynamic technique allowing the aircraft to takeoff and land within 150 feet of its location, at a fraction of the power needed by an eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff &a