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Smart, AI Safety Enabled E-Biking

  New AI Enabled Safety Systems for E-Bikes                                 Source:  Streetlogic and Stock Images Much Smarter Bikes Virtually every global automaker is working on the development of autonomous, self-driving cars.  Now the same technology - ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - is starting to be applied to e-bikes for smarter, safer biking.  These new, advanced AI and machine learning enabled technologies are providing cyclists with some of the real-time safety information and data available to drivers in connected cars. Highly Advanced Technologies ADAS monitoring can provide cyclists with knowledge of what they can't see because of blind spots around them during their ride.  These emerging safely alert and collision avoidance systems are composed of highly advanced AI, machine learning, computer vision, algorithms and deep neural networks. They spot and analyze threats to the rider and make an assessment of the level of risk.  With the information obtained