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Loch Ness Monster Discovery

Genetics Bear Down on DNA of Loch Ness Monster Source:   Loch Ness The Monster May Be a Giant Eel The famed Loch Ness Monster has been the stuff of fiction and news reports from observers for 16 centuries.  The mystery of Nessie dates back to 565 AD when St. Columbia reportedly had an encounter with a monster on the River Ness.  It turns out that the monster may be fact and not fiction.  Scientists from New Zealand have done extensive analysis of DNA in Loch Ness's waters.  Their conclusion is the Loch Ness Monster may be a giant eel. New Science My favorite detective Sherlock Holmes would love this. An animated version of  the Loch Ness Monster was featured in an episode of the Private Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Now 21st  century science is nailing it. It looks like the Loch Ness Monster exists but it may be a huge eel that is keeping the legacy going. The New Zealand scientists believe that the lake's eels hail from the Bahamas and migrate to the Loch Ness wat