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China's Super Smart Electric SUV

  China's Human Horizons HiPhiX Source:  Human Horizons "Super SUV" Debuts at Beijing International Auto Show What may very well be the most intelligent, connected, advanced technology laden, electric luxury SUV just debuted at the Beijing International Auto Show.  It's called the HiPhiX and is the invention of Human Horizons of Shanghai.  The company says it combines cutting edge innovation, sustainable manufacturing and state-of-the-art design "to create the world's 1st continuously evolving Super SUV" Intelligent Mobility The vehicle is the world's first touch-free, door handle-less production vehicle.  It has: Facial recognition entry 5 G-V2X communications network Level 4 Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) 562 built in sensors capable of continuous monitoring of its systems, occupants and surroundings "Largest" number of voice controlled functions in any car Over the air updates for continuous improvements of all the car's systems The

Alphabet Waymo, WayMore Autonomous Car

Autonomous in the Driver's Seat Waymo is the Google self-driving car project that's now a division of Google's parent Alphabet. It's seems to be leaving other autonomous car makers far behind.  You might say, it's in the driver's seat - along with its combo of laser-radars, sensors and software. A ride-hailing program is expected to be launched later this year. Road Warrior The Waymo vehicles have done 8 million miles in autonomous driving, including 25,000 miles a day on city streets.  The vehicles have 360 degree sensors, radar and software that's designed to detect people, cyclists, vehicles, road work and obstructions up to 3 football fields away.  The cars are taught on 8 million miles of real-world traffic and they're about to be commercialized. Waymo Updates Waymo just cut a pilot project with Walmart.  In the Phoenix area, you can place a Walmart order at a discount and pick it up and take it home in your Waymo driverless car.  They hav