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Electric Corvettes Promised in 2023

  2023 All-Electric Corvette                                             Source: Chevrolet Corvette Hybrid Electric Corvette As Early As This Year  The iconic muscle car, the Chevrolet Corvette, is officially going electric.  According to Chevrolet President Mark Reuss, a fully electric Vett will be in showrooms in 2023 and a hybrid electric version will be on the market much sooner, possibly this year.  It appears the hybrid could be a Vett first with front-wheel or all-wheel drive.  To date, all Corvettes have had rear-wheel drive. Electrifying Vetts Reuss indicates the hybrid model will be based on the current generation Vett design and style.  The all-electric version could be a totally new design.  There also could be what Reuss is calling "electrified variants" of the car.  Most EVs currently on the market are sedans and SUVs because the current generation of batteries optimize the performance of larger, heavier cars more so than that of sports cars.  However, with new