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2 New, All-Electric Flying Machines - Spain

  UMiles' Integrity 3 eVTOL                                                       Source:  UMiles The Drone of Drones Spain's aerial mobility vehicle developer UMiles has unveiled two, new, fascinating aircraft.  One is a remotely piloted, electric air taxi concept and the other is a piloted, two passenger eVTOL vehicle called Integrity 3.  The single seat, remotely piloted air taxi is being called the "drone of drones" by UMiles. It has been built as a prototye and will be test flown in a number of European cities later this year.  UMiles is a new contender in the growing air mobility market and an experienced drone manufacturer to watch.  It is quite a technological feat for a relatively small to medium sized aviation company to be unveiling two new models of flying technology at once. The Drone of Drones UMiles' the "drone of drones" is the first air taxi with 100% Spanish technology, development and manufacturing.  It was designed at Spain's larg