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Your 1st All-Electric Plane Ride - Alice

  Alice is Successfully Test Flown                                             Source: Eviation Green, Zero Carbon Emissions Flying Alice, an all-electric 9-passenger, commuter plane, has successfully completed its first test flight.  The zero-carbon emissions aircraft, being developed by Washington state based Eviation, is targeted to service commuter and cargo routes between 150 and 250 miles. The e-plane has a flying range of 288 miles on a charge.  Alice is not just an electric plane prototype.  There are already significant sales orders for it, including from regional air carrier Cape Air, which operates out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and national package carrier DHL. Alice is on track to become the 1st, all new, all electric commercial air carrier when it gets full FAA approval to fly passengers. Tech Specs During the 8-minute test flight, Alice reached an altitude of 3500 feet and hit speeds of 171 mph. The electric aircraft is powered and propelled by 2, electric motors that sp