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New Concept Car - Where Driving Is Headed?

 Lincoln's   L100 - Driving with No Steering Wheel                                                       Source:  Lincoln L100 & L                              Very Futuristic, Autonomous Concept Car from Lincoln Ford's luxury car division, Lincoln, has just unveiled its futuristic, electric concept car, the L100. The fascinating vehicle pays homage to Lincoln's original luxury car of 1922 and sports some fantastic, futuristic automotive technologies.  The vehicle is fully autonomous.  The steering wheel is replaced by a "chess piece controller" that is located in a center console on the dashboard. The vehicle also has no pedals.  This is a lifestyle vehicle in which the passengers enjoy the ride and entertain or occupy themselves with advanced technologies while the car drives itself. New Technologies This concept car is a dramatic showcase of highly advanced technologies on wheels. It's a perspective on a very exciting automotive future that Lincoln is c